The University of Arizona and Central Luzon State University have collaborated for many years to develop low cost feeds, tilapia-shrimp polyculture and to co-host the Sixth International Symposium on Tilapia Aquculture in the Philippines. The technologies developed will benefit tilapia farmers around the world as the investigators and students involved with the project work with Arizona and Filipino farmers and test diets at commercial producers.  The first phase of the project was to purchase a pellet mill to improve the quality of test feeds made at the Freshwater Aquaculture Center at CLSU, the premier aquaculture research facility in the Philippines. The second part of the study is to test diets incorporating various substitutes for fish meal in hopes of finding cost effective diets.

Project Report

Link to "Development of low-cost supplemental feeds for pond and cage culture" report
Direct download of report in PDF format

Project Photos

Integreated aquaculture Best Management Practices - Power Point File

2002 visit photos

Private hatchery near CLSU, March 1998
Handtruck and ponds at hatchery
Breeding hapas in pond at hatchery
Fish dispersal days at BFAR
BFAR tanks used for the Genetically Improved Farmed Tilapia Project
Broodstock used in the GIFT program
Cryopreservation of milt at BFAR
Cold storage tanks for tilapia milt
Philippines map with GMT hatcheries marked
GIFT Foundation International, pond site plan
Hatching buckets at the GIFT labs
Pond receiving experimental diet containing 25% yeast
Sampling fish from yeast diet pond
Weighing tilapia from yeast diet pond
Hapa cages receiving yeast, compost and control diets
Weighing tilapia fed diet containing 25% compost
Control pond receiving standard CRSP fertilization regime
Private tilapia hatchery, R.T. Sayco Integrated Farm
Discussions at Sayco Farm
Work boats and cages at Patabangan Reservoir
Array of cages at Patabangan Reservoir, with McNamara and Circa
Array of cages at Patabangan Reservoir
Pelleted feed used at cage farms
Second brand of pelleted feed used at cage farms
Overhead view of cage farms in Patabangan
Drying feed at CLSU
Bagging feed at CLSU
Pouring mixed ingredients into pellet mill
View of California Pellet Mill
Labels on Pellet Mill in the CLSU feeds lab
California Pellet Mill in the CLSU feeds lab
Front view of California Pellet Mill in the CLSU feeds lab
Tony Circa working on pellet mill
Genetically Improved Farmed Tilapia Breeding Center
Looking across at BFAR facilities next to GIFT Center
Fitzsimmons at CLSU Freshwater Aquaculture Facility
Fitzsimmons and McNamara at CLSU Freshwater Aquaculture Facility
Y-Y male hatchery complex at BFAR facility in Los Banos, on Laguna Bay

Video of tilapia farm in Negros

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