5th Roche Conference on Aquaculture, August 26, 1999

Roche Aquaculture sponsors a yearly conference to present current results of research to the aquaculture community in Southeast Asia. The August 1999 meeting, organized by Dr. Brian Hunter, was held in Bangkok, Thailand. Below are photos from the meeting and field trips.

Tilapia Marketing Paper

Marketing of Tilapia in the USA Paper presented at the conference.
Marketing of Tilapia in the USA PowerPoint presention at the conference.

Conference Photos

Graham Mair and Tilapia Hatchery at Asian Institute of Technology
AIT Hatchery
Broodstock spawning tank
O. niloticus fry
Breeding hapas at AIT
Dinner cruise on Chao Praya river
Roche conference participants at dinner
Fitzsimmons delivering paper
Harbor at Prachuabkiri Khan, Thailand Waraphorn, Wade Watanabe, Fitzsimmons and Tom Nelson
Dept. of Fisheries Prachuabkiri Khan hatchery
Tanks of Dunaliella algae. Used to feed larval fish and rotifers. (Includes camera strap.)
Grouper broodstock tank.
Grouper broodstock
Close-up of Grouper broodstock
Gracilaria grown to feed abalone
Tridacna clams reared for stock enhancement
Close-up of Tridacna being grown for stock enhancement close-up
Tridacna growing in raceways with paddlewheels
Intensively managed pond with multiple paddlewheel arrays
Entrance to Prachuabkiri Khan Fisheries Center

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