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From teaching about tree rings (Christine with students upper right and Alison lower left) to ant behavior (Ming with students lower right) and bioengineering (Megan with students upper right)—our CATTS Fellows can do it all! Click here to meet our current fellows and 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003 alumni!



Role of the CATTS Fellow

Fellows work as resource agents for K-12 educators in one of the following ways:

· Implementing a UA outreach program;

· Supplementing the professional development program of a local school district; or

· Working with teachers at a school to enrich the science, technology, engineering and mathematics program.


Who are our CATTS Fellows?

Our Fellows are diverse and represent almost every academic facet you can think of! Click here to meet and learn more about our current and past University of Arizona CATTS Fellows!


How did our fellows become CATTS Fellows?

During our 5 year NSF GK-12 funding period CATTS sought applications from graduate and undergraduate students majoring in science, mathematics, engineering or technology who desired to learn more about teaching, learning, and integrating research in the classroom. Students selected for a CATTS Fellowship worked 15 hours per week on fellowship activities, enrolled in a pre-fellowship workshop and participated in a weekly seminar during the fellowship. The program often funded up to 9 graduate and 6 undergraduate students per year, during its 5 year program, and accepted its final selection of fellows in 2008, to end in May 2009.


Financial Support

The NSF Graduate Teaching Fellowship in K-12 Education provides fellowships and stipends for CATTS Graduate and Undergraduate students who are selected as CATTS Fellows. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING APPLICANT DOSSIERS AS THE CATTS PROGRAM WILL END IN MAY 2009.



The 2008-2009 Academic Year will serve as the last year of this GK-12 NSF project so we will not be accepting application for new fellows or projects.