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All CATTS Fellows are required to enroll in a fall and spring seminar course during their tenure as a CATTS Fellow. In addition, fellows will be asked to report weekly hours and schedules.


The seminar, which meets weekly during the fall and spring semesters, is designed to help support and prepare the fellows in the K-12 environment. Fellows will develop and enhance communication and teaching skills while sharing ideas and resources through collaborative and experiential learning activities.


Guest Speakers, workshops and field trips are also an integral part of the fall and spring seminar courses which enrich the overall CATTS Fellows experience. During the seminar courses, fellows will also have opportunities to observe K-12 classrooms and participate in a variety of professional development activities.




For Our Current Fellows:


Click Here for the Current Syllabus for Seminar 2008

AED 496/596 Teaching Science and Math Through Inquiry


Report your WEEKLY HOURS (hours you have already worked) and your SCHEDULE for the upcoming week here. This report will be used to estimate the hours you are in the schools OR working on your project each week. This is due EVERY MONDAY by 5pm.

Submit your monthly CATTS Journal here. This is due on the FIRST day of EVERY MONTH.



CATTS Fellows Seminar