Topics in Insect Diversity - ENTO 496c/596c - 1998

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Here is the schedule for the course. All meetings are Wednesday 9-11.

Date Leader Topic
3 February David Maddison What are strepsipterans?
10 February Mike Singer The evolution of leaf mining: ecological constraints on adaptive radiation?
17 February Margrit Mcintosh Pollen use in bees and other insects
24 February Wendy Moore The evolution of flightlessness in insects
3 March Matt Johnston The evolution of social parasitism in insects
10 March John Stireman III Host Range in Dipteran Parasitoids
24 March John Kaltenbach Speciation: controversy surrounding the origin and evolution of insects.
31 March John Friel Insect Mimicry
7 April David Bellamy Sizing Up the Hexapods


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