Sustainable Living: Ecology and the Human Experience

Each student is expected to assess the impact of his or her individual actions on the planet's finite resources. For example, do an individual's choices influence sustainability of planetary resources? If so, how? The current offering of the course will take a broad approach to sustainability, rather than focusing on a specific aspect. We will actively question the wisdom of movement and growth, primary tenets of Western culture that many Americans accept as necessary. But are they necessary? If so, can humans find wisdom in stasis, as suggested by many religions and philosophies?

In addition to impact assessment, we will work to develop communication and critical-thinking skills. We view these skills as foundational for a life of excellence. We will use poetry to express our ideas and emotions, and we will exchange poetry with two other groups: students at Pima Vocational High School and students at Pima County's juvenile detention facility. As such, this course is part of the larger course, Poetry Inside/Out. Poetry Inside/Out instructors Madeline Kiser and Mary Goethals will join us during some class periods.

Instructors: Kevin Bonine, Mary Goethals, Madeline Kiser, and Guy R. McPherson.

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