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Fungal Genetics Stock Center, University of Kansas

American Phytopathological Society

Myxoweb - a site devoted to the Myxomycota

Doctor Fungus: an online reference, mainly to Medical Fungi

George Barron's Website- lots of great photos

Tom Volk's Fungi website

The Hyphal Tip: Jason Stajich's Genomic BLOG

Zygomycete.org - A website dedicated to Zygomycetes, written by Gerald L. Benny of the University of Florida

The Mycorrhizal web - Forestry Research Center in Nancy-Champenoux

Lichens of North America - Dr. Irwin M. Brodo

Science Daily - Good source for up to date science news

Fungi in the News -

Interview with Langdon Cook, author of "The Mushroom Hunters"

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Fungal Genome Resources

Research Opportunities for UA Students

Undergraduate Biology Research Program (UBRP) at UA

Advanced Mycology Presentations 2-07

Lecture #1- Fungal Genetics

Lecture #2 - Mating Type Systems

Lecture #3 - Mutagenesis

Lecture #4 - Transformation

Lecture #5 - Gene Regulation

Barry Pryor Lectures

Lecture #1 - Systematics Introduction

Lecture #2 - Systematics

Lecture #3 - Methods of Inference

Lecture #4 - Tree Statistical Tests

Pryor Systematics Study questions

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