Rangeland Plant Communities of the West   ( RAM 382) is a junior-level undergraduate course in the School of Natural Resources at the University of Arizona . The course is taught each spring by Mitchel McClaran .  Course instructor can be reached via e-mail . mcclaran@u.arizona.edu .

RAM 382 ( course outline ) is designed to illustrate the principles of community ecology through examples based on the rangeland plant communities of the western United States.In addition, the major rangeland management practices occurring in these communities are discussed. The lecture portion of the course focuses attributes of community structure and function,and management practices for each of 15 plant communities. The lab portion of the course focuses on the sight identification and general ecological characteristics of the 175 most common plant species found in these plant communities. Four day-long field trips on Saturdays are used to illustrate concepts from the lecture and to practice plant species identification.

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