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Arizona Cotton Insect Losses Data Details:


Data Table Header
Data Source and Derivation
Total Acres Total number of Acres as reported by NASS
Acres Infested (%) (CIL reported acres infested / CIL acre harvested)*100
Acres Treated (%) (CIL reported acres treated/ CIL acre harvested)*100
Insecticide Applications (No./A) Directly from CIL, except as footnoted
Control Costs ($/A) (Cost of 1 application)*(number of applications per acre)
% of Total Control Costs (Cost by insect per acre/Total control cost per acre)*100
Yield Loss (%) Calculated directly from CIL data as: [Bales Lost / Ave (Bales Lost/% Yield Loss) for each year]*100
% of Total Insect-Related Yield Loss (Yield Loss by insect/Total yield loss)*100
Lint Price ($/lb) As reported by NASS (
*Avalible under "Quick Stats" in the crops section of the US and State Data.
Statewide Economic Loss (for yield; $) (price per bale based on NASS prices)*(calculated bales lost)
  • calculated bales lost =(CIL reported bales lost)*(NASS based conversion factor)
  • NASS based c.f.=(bales produced, as reported by NASS)*(bales produced as reported by CIL)
Statewide Economic Loss (for control; $) (NASS Total acres harvested, sometimes upland, sometimes upland & pima: see footnotes)*(Control Costs)
*CIL= Source is Cotton Beltwide Publications: See References

Revision: Data was revised 08/2004. The only changes made were to Yield Loss (%). This data was corrected, with the only major discrepancies occurring in years 1996-1999.

Revision: Data was revised 03/2009. The only changes made were to Lint Price ($/lb) and Statewide Economic Loss (for yield; $). This data was corrected, with the only discrepancies occurring in the year 2006.

Revision: Data was revised 05/2010. Changes were made to Insecticide Applications (No./A) and Total Acres to correct data entry errors. The only discrepancies occured in the 2008 data for these two variables and was posted on the internet from 2/16/2010 to 04/29/2010.


Questions regarding this data may be directed to:
Dr. Peter Ellsworth, IPM Specialist,
Theresa D. Smith, Program Coordinator,

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