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Table of Active Special Local Needs Pesticide (SLN, 24c) Registrations for Arizona

Number Date YR of Expiration EPA No. Active Brand Site Pest Company
AZ120002 06/15/12 2017 228-660 Y Ethephon 2 Plant Growth Regulator Greenhouse Tomatoes Growth Regulator Nufarm Americas Inc.
AZ120003 07/03/12 2017 8033-24-10163 Y Intruder 70 WSP Cotton Whitefly Gowan Company
AZ120004 09/10/12 2017 10163-200 Y Prefar 4-E Lettuce Weeds Gowan Company
AZ120006 09/12/12 2017 100-816 Y Dual Magnum Spinach Weeds Syngenta
AZ120005 09/12/12 2017 100-1431 Y Gramoxone Guayule Weeds Syngenta
AZ070003 01/09/07 2016 66222-15 Y Vegetable Pro Herbicide Celery Weed control on direct seeded & transplanted celery Makhteshim-Agan of North America
AZ110002 05/27/11 2016 7173-258 Y FirstStrike Soft Bait Structural Wood rats (pack rats) Liphatech, Inc.
AZ110001 05/27/11 2016 12455-79 Y Contrac All-Weather Blox Structural Wood rats (pack rats) Bell Laboratories, Inc.
AZ110003 06/20/11 2016 56-42 Y JT Eaton Bait Blocks with Peanut Butter Structural Wood rats (pack rats) JT Eaton & Co., Inc.
AZ110004 12/01/11 2016 62719-131 Y Treflan TR-10 Bermudagrass Grown for Seed Weeds Dow AgroSciences
AZ070002 01/22/07 2015 524-522 Y Bollgard II Cotton Pink Bollworm Arizona Cotton Research & Protection Council
AZ100001 01/01/10 2015 25(b) exempt Y Red River WDG Termiticide-Insecticide Structural Termites A.C.E. R&D, LLC
AZ080015 01/01/11 2015 228-434 Y ProClipse 65 WDG Irrigation and drainage ditches Weeds Nufarm Americas Inc.
AZ000005 01/01/11 2015 10163-236 Y Supracide 2E Alfalfa for Seed Lygus bugs, Leafhoppers and Weevils Gowan Company
AZ990003 01/01/11 2015 10163-169 Y Imidan 70-W Pistachios Naval Orangeworm Gowan Company
AZ120001 03/30/12 2015 264-1096 Y TwinLink Insect Resistant Cotton Seed Cotton Pink Bollworm Bayer CropScience LP
AZ000006 05/16/00 2015 400-104 Y Comite Alfalfa for Seed Two-Spotted Mites Uniroyal Chemical Co.
AZ070008 03/29/07 2013 71711-20 Y Talus 40SC Greenhouse Tomatoes Reduce PHI to 1 day on Greenhouse Tomatoes Nichino America
AZ070010 06/07/07 2013 71711-20 Y Talus 40SC Greenhouse Tomatoes Reduce PHI to 1 day on Greenhouse Tomatoes SePRO Corp.
AZ080003 04/18/08 2013 10163-200 Y Prefar 4-E Herbicide Transplanted Cole Crops Weeds Gowan Company
AZ080004 05/06/08 2013 71512-10 Y Beleaf 50SG Insecticide Alfalfa grown for seed Aphids and Lygus bugs ISK/FMC
AZ080007 05/19/08 2013 53575-15 Y PB Rope L Okra Grown for Seed Pink Bollworm Pacific Biocontrol Corporation
AZ080005 06/27/08 2013 352-660 Y LayBy Pro Herbicide Grain Sorghum Weeds DuPont Crop Protection
AZ080006 07/15/08 2013 279-3313 Y Brigade 2EC Alfalfa Grown for Seed Spider Mites FMC
AZ080009 08/05/08 2013 241-418 Y Prowl H2O Guayule Weeds BASF Corporation
AZ080009 08/05/08 2013 241-418 Y Prowl H2O Guayule Weeds BASF
AZ080008 08/08/08 2013 279-3241 Y Aim EC Guayule Weeds FMC
AZ080013 11/04/08 2013 62719-447 Y Goaltender Herbicide Cabbage Weeds Dow AgroSciences
AZ080012 11/04/08 2013 62719-447 Y Goaltender Herbicide Onions Weeds Dow AgroSciences
AZ080014 11/18/08 2013 66222-156 Y Alias 4FInsecticide Brassica (Cole) Leafy Vegetables Aphids Makhteshim Agan of N. America
AZ080010 12/04/08 2013 100-849 Y Solicam DF Herbicide Alfalfa Weeds Syntenta
AZ080016 12/11/08 2013 400-422 Y Terramaster 4EC Greenhouse Tomatoes Fungus Chemtura Corp.
AZ020004 12/31/08 2013 62719-424 Y Goal 2XL Herbicide Lesquerella Weeds-Various Dow AgroSciences
AZ970005 09/23/97 2013 62719-321 Y Telone EC Melons (Drip Irrigation) Nematodes Dow AgroSciences
AZ910004 09/28/93 2013 10163-120 Y Gowan Trifluralin 10-G Bermudagrass Grown for Seed Annual Weeds Gowan Company
AZ060001 02/15/06 2012 10163-283 Y Eptam 7-E Selective Herbicide Safflower Weeds Gowan Company
AZ060002 02/15/06 2012 10163-283 Y Eptam 7-E Selective Herbicide Fallow Ground Yellow & Purple Nutsedge Gowan Company
AZ070004 01/24/07 2012 68467-3 Y WideStrike Cotton Pink Bollworm Dow AgroSciences
AZ070006 03/29/07 2012 100-1070 Y Fusilade DX Weeds in Guayule For the control of emerged weeds in Guayule Syngenta Crop Protection
AZ070009 05/30/07 2012 81880-4-10163 Y Nexter Greenhouse Tomatoes Whiteflies, Spider Mites Gowan Company
AZ070011 11/06/07 2012 71711-7 Y ET Herbicide/Defoliant Guayule   Nichino America
AZ070012 12/20/07 2012 279-3313 Y Brigade Jojoba Weeds FMC Corp.
AZ880001 01/18/88 2012 264-453,482 Y Rovral Fungicide Crucifer Crops for Seed Only Alternaria & Sclerotinia-Blight & White Rot Rhone-Poulenc AG Company
AZ910001 04/29/91 2012 279-2876 Y Furadan 4F Insecticide-Nematicide Peppers Leaf Hoppers and Green Peach Aphids FMC Corporation


For more information on specific labels, contact Gary Christian at the AZ Dept. of Agriculture.

For more information on how to Request special registrations, contact Western Growers Association.

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