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Herbicide Symptom Key

by Pat Clay and Bill McCloskey

Guide to Herbicide Injury Symptoms on Crops and Weeds

Determining if problems in the field are related to herbicides or other factors is difficult at best. Many plant diseases, fertility problems, and environmental factors can be confused for herbicide injury. If herbicides are involved, having a basic understanding of how herbicides are used, move in plants, and effect plant processes can be of assistance in narrowing down the injury to a family of herbicides if not an individual material.

The following guide is setup to give a basic understanding of typical symptoms that occur for many of the herbicides available for use in Arizona.

I. Herbicide applied exclusively to the soil - injury appeared as the weed/crop emerged or did not emerge

II. Herbicides with significant foliar use - classified by translocation pattern - some herbicides in this group are exclusively applied to foliage while others can be applied to foliage but are more commonly applied to soil

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Erin Taylor, Extension Agent, Field & Veg Crops
William B. McCloskey, Extension Weed Specialist
College of Agriculture, The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.
Material written June 2003.

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