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Retailing and Consumer Sciences (RCSC) is an Academic Program of the John and Doris Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences. Our mission is to provide world-class education on the business of retailing by integrating excellent instruction with cutting-edge research on consumer behavior and retail management. We aspire to be the program of choice globally among the few institutions that offer a degree focused exclusively on the study of consumers and the business of retailing.

Family Studies & Human Development

The mission of the Academic Program of Family Studies and Human Development is to provide excellence in research, teaching, and outreach that strengthens families and human development across the lifespan. Our vision is to become the premier program in Family Studies and Human Development through timely and diverse scholarship.

Strengthening families, communitites, and the marketplace...

According to Anita Bhappu, Associate Professor of Retail and Consumer Sciences, Retailers are competing for holiday workers

Unemployment is at a seven-year low and the number of people working part-time shrank by 1 million since last September, according to the Labor Department. As the holidays approach, retailers hope people who need seasonal work are still out there.

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Sabrina Helm Helps Create 10 Tips for an Orange, Black and Green Halloween

Sabrina Helm, associate professor of retailing and consumer sciences at the University of Arizona, and members of the community, courtesy of the UA Office of Sustainability, offer some suggestions for playing your own trick on the landfill and treating the planet to a more sustainable holiday.

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Katie Paschall and Dr. Ann Mastergeorge On Bidirectionality in Parent–child Relationships

The concept of bidirectionality represents a process of mutual influence between parent and child, whereby each influences the other as well as the dyadic relationship.

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Dr. Kirk A. Astroth Help start 4-H programs in Nicaragua

Funded by USAID, Partners of the Americas has been working in Nicaragua to boost food security and nutrition in what is the Western hemisphere’s 2nd poorest country.

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