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How to Declare FSHD as a Minor and other important information

How to Declare FSHD as a Minor and function efficiently within it.

Important Information Regarding the Minor:   

A minor consists of a total of 18 FSHD units; 9 must be upper division units (300, 400 level). Other than that, ANY combination of courses in FSHD is acceptable as there are no required classes. These units can come from FSHD at UA main campus, UA-Sierra Vista (FSHV) or community college courses that transfer as FSHD units.

We cannot accept FSHD 150 B1 as a minor course as it cannot be used for anything except a Tier 1 General Education course.

We do not double count such courses as FSHD 200. If it is used in your major, we cannot use it your minor.

We can accept up to six units of FSHD independent study or practicum. Look here for additional information about the availabilty of research experiences for independent study and summer practicum credit.

We accept the following Pima Community College courses as transfer units for the minor: ECE 107 as FSHD 117; Soc 127 as FSHD 257; ECE 117 as FSHD 323. ECE 117 counts as a lower division credit. For other Arizona Community College transfer units, check FSHD under the UA column here:                                                                

Please note that entry into the minor does not guarantee entry into FSHD classes, especially during Fall and Spring. Minors cannot register for FSHD courses during priority registration. After priority registration, we hold seats in open classes for our pre-majors, so it may take awhile before seats open in certain classes such as FSHD 323 and FSHD 377. Eventually during open enrollment, you will be able to add any FSHD classes with open seats. You are encouraged to take Winter and Summer courses, which are open to all students.   

Please do not mistake Section 910 and Section 901 openings as part of  our regular course offerings. Section 901 is only for our Yuma cohort students .  Section 910 courses are offered through the Outreach College and require additional tuition (currently about $1,000). If you want to enroll in a 910 section, contact the Outreach College, not us. They will give you a form that Dr. Kelly must sign.

ALL Section 002's  are offered for Honors students only.

You may start taking FSHD classes even before you are a declared minor.  A number of FSHD classes (many online) are offered in both Summer and Winter sessions, and you are strongly encouraged to take these classes. It is possible to complete the minor requirements in Summer and Winter sessions prior to being declared a minor.  Upon completion of the minor requirements, we can still declare you an FSHD minor.  

If you want to apply for the minor, please use the online form here:

We review and approve applications at the end of each month. Regardless of when you apply, it may be up to six weeks before the appropriate change in your status is made.  

Note: If you are a transfer student or new to the university as a freshman, you should wait to apply until one semester of UA grades are posted as we base entrance on your UA g.p.a.

Currently,there is no waiting list for the FSHD minor.

Please contact Dr. Maureen E. Kelly, the FSHD minor advisor, with any additional questions at:











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