Convolvulaceae Pollen Atlas

Convolvulaceae pollenPollen characters provide taxonomically valuable information that has long been used in classification of the Convolvulaceae. Indeed, many keys require knowledge of the pollen surface features and apertures to arrive at a genus name.

The goal of creating this web site is to bring together a comprehensive atlas of pollen images for the entire family. Those who might find pollen information useful include palynologists, palaeobotanists, climatologists, apiculturists, agricultural extension agents, students, systematists, and soil scientists, among others.

The Convolvulaceae Pollen Atlas was initiated by three researchers with long term interests in the systematics, taxonomy, and evolution of the family: Dr. Dan Austin (University of Arizona Department of Plant Sciences and UA Herbarium Associated Researcher), Dr. Mark Carine (The Natural History Museum in London - BM) and Dr. George W. Staples (The Singapore Botanic Garden - SING)

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