ARIZ will gladly loan specimens to other herbaria upon the written request of the curator or contact person in that herbarium, subject to the following conditions:

  • Loans are provided only to recognized herbaria (i.e., with acronyms listed in Index Herbariorum); we do not loan specimens to individuals or to institutions which are not recognized herbaria.
  • Specimens will be handled according to internationally-recognized herbarium standards. These standards include:
    • Storage at all times on the premises of the requesting institution (i.e., loaned specimens may not leave the premises of the requesting institution)
    • Storage in a location designated by collections staff at the requesting institution
    • Safe storage in insect-proof herbarium cabinets
    • Safe handling of specimens to prevent damage
  • Specimens will be annotated by the loan-holder prior to return
    • Specimens with new determinations (identifications) will be annotated with a permanent annotation slip indicating the new determination, determiner, determination date, and any determination references or notes (if applicable)
    • Specimens loaned for non-taxonomic studies may, at our discretion, be labeled with an annotation slip indicating the title of the study for which the specimen was used, the author of the study and the date. Please contact us for details regarding such annotations
  • Specimens may not be sampled destructively, except by written permission of ARIZ curatorial staff (see our Destructive sampling policy)
  • Use of loaned specimens will be acknowledged according to ARIZ's Data use policy.
  • Loans are normally for a period of two years, but may be renewed upon request
  • Loans are to be returned complete, in a single shipment. In general we do not accept partial returns