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Lunar Greenhouse
Outreach & Teaching Module (LGH-OTM)

The Lunar Greenhouse Outreach Teaching Module was created to give the public a glimpse into The University of Arizona and NASA project. A model module was built that houses live plants and works much like the actual greenhouse chambers with a hydroponic growing system.

The summer of 2012 took the Lunar Greenhouse Outreach Teaching Module on the road.
In June, the travelling module was showcased at the 2012 San Diego State Fair in California. Guest presenters involved with the project were invited to inform the fair goers of the lunar greenhouse and the project. The module demonstrated in live form what The University of Arizona and NASA strive to accomplish with the building of the full size greenhouse and the possibilities of sending it 'Out of This World'.
LGH-OTM 2012 San Diego, CA - County State Fair
Later, in July, the teaching module made it's way to the Windy City. At Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry, the module has been set up as an exhibit for those visiting the museum to see the future of space with agricultural innovation. The exhibit pays tribute to The University of Arizona professors, students and the NASA team that are involved with the progression of the project.

LGH-OTM 2012 Chicago, IL - MSI
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