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Master Gardener Journal  

F R O M   M E   T O   Y O U

Changes in the Works

by Lucy K. Bradley,
Extension Agent, Urban Horticulture

The Arizona budget crisis is causing us to make changes in our publications and staffing of the Maricopa County Urban Horticulture program.

As you can see, there are some very exciting changes in the works for the publication formerly known as the "Horticulture Communicator". Graphic artist Donna Atwood has lent her creative talent to creating a brand new image for the outstanding work done by the writing team.

Among Donna's suggestions was changing the name to the "Master Gardener Journal". She pointed out that the former name did nothing to promote the important work done by Master Gardeners, or their connection to the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension. In addition, Donna is working with the editorial team to incorporate images, photographs, and graphics, as well as to enhance the formatting to increase the amount and the depth of information that the publication will be able to convey.

All of this wonderful work will be available online for FREE, on the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Maricopa County Urban Horticulture Site. From the main page, select "publications" to get to the MG Journal.

Beginning in January 2003, if you would like to have a hard copy of the Master Gardener Journal mailed to you, you will need to purchase a subscription. Subscriptions for active Maricopa County Master Gardeners will be $ 15.00. All other subscriptions will be $18.00 per year. To subscribe, send in the form located on the back cover with your check made out to "The University of Arizona."

This move to charge Master Gardeners a subscription fee is due in part to our dedication to upgrading the publication, and in part to Arizona's budget crisis.

The State's budget crisis is having a profound impact on The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension in Maricopa County. The University has been required to cut $27 million from its budget, and all departments will be affected. For the Maricopa County Urban Horticulture Department, that means we will lose two full-time positions: one of the Master Gardener Coordinators, and the Youth and Community Gardening Coordinator. This will have a devastating impact on the Urban Horticulture program in Maricopa County. We must rethink our priorities and look for more effective cost recovery strategies such as fee based programming and other sources of funding. We will have to dramatically reduce the scope of our program, and there are projections of additional cuts next year.

The outlook for state funding is bleak; all the more reason to focus on developing our endowment so that we can fund positions and programs on secured income. We will be looking for your input as we develop alternate funding sources , reorganize, and downsize the program. We are calling on your support and understanding during these difficult times.

Maricopa County Master Gardener Volunteer Information
Last Updated January 25, 2003
Author: Lucy K. Bradley, Extension Agent Urban Horticulture, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, Maricopa County
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