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Two Citrus Clinics

Master Gardener Journal  

Book Review

by Janet Beaver,
Master Gardener

Eat More Dirt
By Ellen Sandbeck
Broadway Books, Random House, 2003
196 pages, $10.95 at Amazon Books

Eat More DirtAlthough author Ellen Sandbeck is serious about the principles of organic gardening, her book Eat More Dirt is written in a casual and humorous manner. Sandbeck wants people to create gardens they will enjoy, rather than gardens they should enjoy.

Blending research and personal experience, Sandbeck, a landscape gardener, presents material to help beginners feel confident; yet even seasoned gardeners should come away with a few new tips.

Readers here in the Southwest will appreciate the fact that Sandbeck continually provides information appropriate for gardening in a desert environment. She emphasizes the physical side of gardening, by providing instructions on proper body mechanics when using tools as well as appropriate stretching exercises (complete with graphics of budding plants that demonstrate the moves).

Early chapters cover organic gardening, pest management, soil health, plant choices, and design, and then Chapter 10, "The Meditative Gardener" reminds readers that gardening is good for our mental and emotional health.

Eat More Dirt is informative and fun; it will motivate you and at the same time help you avoid taking your garden-or yourself-too seriously. Enjoy!!

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