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Two Citrus Clinics

Master Gardener Journal  

C O M P U T E R   C O R N E R

by Candice Sherrill,
Master Gardener

Visit this site to find out how to construct and finish realistic-looking landscape rocks and boulders such as those found in many commercial landscape installations. Directions are shown for making lightweight rocks and boulders out of A/B foam, and finishing them in a variety of ways to mock nature's own. You can even install hidden lights inside these faux creations!

Here's a website dedicated to garden pests. Complete with line drawings, it provides descriptions of each life stage from egg to adult. It also gives visitors important biological information about each insect, and suggestions for control. You can even learn what plants the pest attacks, and what the damage looks like.

This is the website of the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records. Not only is it a good place to find out what the state bird, butterfly, colors, flag, flower, fossil, gemstone, neckwear and tree are, but you will also find articles on interesting topics such as the story behind Supima cotton.

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