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Two Citrus Clinics

Master Gardener Journal  

F R O M   M E   T O   Y O U

2003 Highlights & 2004 Changes

by Lucy K. Bradley,
Extension Agent, Urban Horticulture

2003 was an exciting year for the Master Gardener Journal, culminating in the newsletter being named first-place winner in the National Association of County Agricultural Agents' Western Region, in the division of Team Newsletter.

Candice Sherrill, editor since 2002, worked diligently to make certain that Journal readers were treated to the very latest and best information concerning plants and gardening, skillfully planning, researching, and editing every issue. Talented Phoenix artist Donna Atwood not only gave the newsletter a wonderful new design at the first of the year, but also did the layout for each issue while finishing her coursework for a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts at ASU. Jo Cook, Internet maven par excellence, took time out of her busy schedule to convert each issue into HTML for uploading onto the MG Publications site.

Regretfully Candice and Donna are moving on to other projects, but we're looking forward to building on their wonderful contribution and making even more improvements in the coming year.

Heidi is an administrative secretary with the Maricopa County Cooperative Extension. Heidi has strong desktop publishing skills and a great sense of design, and will be taking over the composition and layout of the Master Gardener Journal. We appreciate her taking on this new role with the Master Gardener program.

MANY THANKS TO OUR 2003 WRITERS AND COPY EDITORS... well as those who contributed photographs and illustrations during the year. We look forward to being able to publish more of your work in 2004, and we welcome the participation of new Master Gardeners as they come into the program. Our special thanks to: Marion Adams, Sherry Allen, Diane Ashcroft, Donna Atwood, Christine Bahto, Duise C. Barnes, Janet Beaver, Copper Bittner, Jack Blake, Lucy K. Bradley, Vicki Bundy, Anne Bynon, Judy Curtis, Tom DeGomez, Donna DiFrancesco, Lisa Dubas, Sandra Forsey, Coral Gallaher, Dick Gross, Linda A. Guy, Sue Hakala, Barb Hamilton, Evelyn Helm, Jeanette Irwin, Dr. David M. Kopec, PhD., Kris Lecakes-Haley, Ron Mark, Becky McAneny, Mike Mekelburg, Terry H. Mikel, Jo Miller, Bonnie Newhoff, Annalisa Palacios, Nicol M. Price, Laurel Reader, Cathy Rymer, Jeff Schalau, Chris Schnier, Candice Sherrill, Lenora Stewart, Willetta Stimmell, Tyler Storey, Carol Stuttard, Terry Tanner, Linda Trujillo, Sandy Turico, Debora Villa, Ellen Wait, Audrey Wolff, and Carol Zimmerman.

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Last Updated January 23, 2004
Author: Lucy K. Bradley, Extension Agent Urban Horticulture, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, Maricopa County
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