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Two Citrus Clinics

Master Gardener Journal  


Master Gardener Journal Index for 2003

A handy reference guide for Master Gardener Journal articles from the past year.

From Me to You: Changes in the Works
New Gardening Show on KAET-TV Bulletin
New Publications A. Wolff
BCI Celebrates 20th Anniversary A. Bynon
Garden Recycling: Holiday Recycling Tips C. Gallaher
Better Landscape Design: Designing Your Own Desert Oasis S. Turico
Herbs for the Bath D. Barnes
Desert-Adapted Evergreen Trees L. Dubas
Ask a Gardener: Holiday Decorating with Desert Plants J. Curtis
A Bountiful Garden: Tomatoes in the Desert Garden L. Reader
Recipe: Salsa Fresca L. Reader
Recipe: Summer Tomato Sauce L. Reader
Recipe: Tomato Pesto Sandwich L. Reader
Peeling Fresh Tomatoes L. Reader
Creature Comforts: Creating a Butterfly Garden D. Villa
Meet the Natives: Sacred Datura-Moonlight Magic C. Bittner
Computer Corner T. Tanner
Book Review: Stores to Delight Young Gardeners N. Price
Book Review: A Cactus Odyssey C. Sherrill
Earth-Friendly Gardening: Center for Native & Urban Wildlife C. Schnier

From Me to You: Coming to a Bookstore Near You L. Bradley
The Fire-Resistant Landscape L. Guy
Defensible Space Checklist Reprint
Better Landscape Design: Hardscaping Your Landscape S. Turico
Growing Orchids: An Exotic Obsession S. Allen
Ask a Gardener: ZZ Plant J. Curtis
A Bountiful Garden: The Elegant Eggplant L. Trujillo
Recipe: Eggplant Parmesan L. Trujillo
Flowering Plants: The Issue of Climate L. Dubas
Creature Comforts: Building Nestboxes S. Hakala
Species-Specific Housing Requirements S. Hakala
Meet the Natives: Mt. Lemmon Marigold-Blanket of Sunshine C. Bittner
University Courier Service Ending Bulletin
My Special Eucalyptus J. Irwin
Book Review: The Olive in California C. Sherrill
Neophyte Nook: Landscaping & Crime Prevention M. Mekelburg
City of Tempe Landscape Security Tips Reprint
Earth-Friendly Gardening: Programming Your Irrigation Controller D. DiFrancesco
Computer Corner T. Tanner

From Me to You: Master Gardeners are Making a Difference L. Bradley
Southwest Reprints: Pine Bark Beetle Outbreak in Arizona T. DeGomez
Southwest Reprints: FAQs About Bark Beetles J. Schalau
Choosing a Good Nursery L. Dubas
Better Landscape Design: Color Palette for Your Landscape S. Turico
A Bountiful Garden: Zucchini-A Treat in the Heat L. Reader
Recipe: Zucchini Ricotta Gnocchi L. Reader
Recipe: Zucchini Parmesan Bread L. Reader
Recipe: Batter-Fried Zucchini Blossoms L. Reader
Recipe: Zucchini Pancakes L. Reader
Recipe: Zucchini Parmesan L. Reader
National Garden Bureau Introduces New Flowers & Vegetables E. Helm
Meet the Natives: Ocotillo-Fiery Beauty E. Helm
Neophyte Nook: May Monsoon Prep M. Mekelburg
Ask a Gardener: How to I Care for My Ocotillo? J. Curtis
Summer Tree Care: A Life or Death Issue L. Stewart
Creature Comforts: Nature's Mimics K. Lecakes-Haley
Earth-Friendly Gardening: Inspecting Your Irrigation System D. DiFrancesco
Traveling Gardener: Tubac Secret Garden Inn L. Guy

From Me to You: Master Gardeners are Making a Difference L. Bradley
Children Know, Once They Grow B. McAneny
A New Way of Contributing R. Mark
Better Landscape Design: Landscaping Responsibly S. Turico
Of Blue Skies & Brilliant Sunsets S. Hakala
Computer Corner C. Sherrill
A Bountiful Garden: Summer Corn-A Tempting Tradition L. Trujillo
Corny Stuff! L. Trujillo
Grilled Corn in the Husks L. Trujillo
Creature Comforts: Going to Bat for Bats M. Adams
Ask a Gardener: Underappreciated Desert Trees J. Curtis
Meet the Natives: The Prickly Pear-Handle with Care C. Bahto
Neophyte Nook: Birds in the Garden M. Mekelburg
Earth-Friendly Gardening: Watering Tips for Summer Sizzle D. DiFrancesco
Garden-Smart TIPS Staff
The Traveling Gardener: Summers Past Farms L. Guy

Spotlight on Our Partners: An Interview with Christy Ten Eyck N. Price
Confessions of an Egg Head V. Bundy
Butterflies at Boyce Staff
Better Landscape Design: A Landscape Made for the Shade S. Turico
Healing Through Horticulture D. Ashcroft
A Bountiful Garden: Papaya-A Tempting Taste of the Tropics D. Gross
Recipe: Papaya Ice Cream Staff
Recipe: Papaya Smoothie Staff
Earth-Friendly Gardening: Free Water for Your Garden J. Miller
Ask a Gardener: Mystery Plant J. Curtis
Southwest Reprints: A History of Bermudagrass D. Kopec
Meet the Natives: Ironwood-Stately Sanctuary in the Sonoran Desert C. Rymer
Stir-Frying Ironwood Seeds C. Zimmerman (reprint)
Neophyte Nook: Soil Basics M. Mekelburg
Garden-Smart TIPS Staff
Worming Your Way to Fertile Ground J. Beaver
Happy Birthday Mr. Baker Staff

From Me to You: The Baker Endowment L. Bradley
Ants: The Good, the Bad, and the Zany S. Hakala
Barnyard Trivia J. Blake
Better Landscape Design: Landscaping With Good Taste S. Turico
A Bountiful Garden: Speaking of Spinach L. Trujillo
Recipe: Spinach Salad with Vinaigrette Staff
Recipe: Spinach Stir-Fry with Toasted Sesame Seeds Staff
Ask a Gardener: Beautiful Brittlebush J. Curtis
Neophyte Nook: Invasive Plant Notes M. Mekelburg
Book Review: Plant Identification Terminology C. Sherrill
Harvest Time Crossword Puzzle Staff
Earth-Friendly Gardening: Go Native with Xeriscape! C. Rymer
Can You Identify This Plant? Staff
Meet the Natives: Homing in on Jojoba C. Bahto
The Plant Vampires E. Wait
Of Friendships and Gardens S. Forsey
Garden-Smart TIPS: Handy Measure A. Palacios

Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas
Computer Corner
Southwest Reprints: Arizona's Official Noxious Weed List
Does Your Landscape Have a Drinking Problem?
Creature Comforts: Gambel's Quail
Neophyte Nook: Irrigation Time Bombs
A Bountiful Garden: Lettuce for the Cool Season
Meet the Natives: Desert Milkweed-Fit for a Queen

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