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Master Gardener Journal  

W O R D   W I S E

Definitions for terms used in this issue...

composite (See Mt. Lemmon) - a flower head with outer ray flowers forming "petals" surrounding inner disc flowers.

cowbird (See Nestboxes) - small North American blackbird that lays its eggs in the nest of other birds.

flavinoid (See Eggplant) - an aromatic compound containing pigment.

fledge (See Nestboxes) - to acquire the feathers necessary for flight or independent activity. To rear until ready for flight. To cover with or as if with feathers or down.

inorganic (See Fire-Resistant) - containing no carbon; generally used to indicate materials such as fertilizers that are of mineral origin.

ladder fuel (See Fire-Resistant) - arrangement of plant growth from short to tall, so as to facilitate the spread of fire.

organic (See Earth-Friendly) - a material (i.e. a pesticide) whose molecules contain carbon and hydrogen atoms. Also may refer to plants or animals which are grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

resinous (See Fire-Resistant) - containing or characterized by resins: sticky organic substances - usually transparent or translucent and flammable - formed in plant secretions and insoluble in water.

side dress (See Eggplant) - to place nutrients on or in the soil near the roots of a crop, not directly on it.

slash (See Fire-Resistant) - debris, as from logging; an open tract in a forest strewn with such debris.

verticillium wilt (See Eggplant) - a wilt disease of plants caused by a soil-borne fungus (Verticillium).

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