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   A Landscape Made for
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       Bermuda Grass
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       Stately Sanctuary
       in the Sonoran
   Stir-Frying Ironwood
   Soil Basics
   Garden Smart TIPS
   Worming Your Way to
       Fertile Ground
   Happy Birthday
       Mr. Baker

   Moonlight Promenade
       of Ponds

Master Gardener Journal  

Computer Corner

by Candice Sherrill, Master Gardener

If you're looking for new recipes to showcase the tasty fruits and veggies you've been growing, the Valley's own Mad Coyote Joe has archived recipes from his popular weekly television show, The Sonoran Grill, at this site. You'll find hundreds of dishes listed here, from A as in Artichoke Spread to Z as in Sauteed Red Potatoes with Baby Zucchini.

Do you know what Adder's Tongue looks like? What about Achyranthes splendens? Now you can find out by visiting the National Museum of Natural History's web page. Here, you'll find photographs and botanical prints of many of the world's plants. The images are copyrighted, but may be reproduced for non-commercial, scientific, educational, and personal use.

Here's a worldwide list of botany-related Usenet Newsgroups. A Usenet Newsgroup (for the uninitiated) is a specialized electronic communications forum. Most if not all of these groups are limited to use by researchers, but the general public can "listen in" on discussions if they wish to sign up.

Visit Thomas (as in Jefferson), to keep track of Federal legislation as it passes through Congress. This searchable database is made possible through the Library of Congress.

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