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Master Gardener Journal  

B O O K   R E V I E W

by Candice Sherrill,
Master Gardener

Plant Identification Terminology: An Illustrted Glossary
James G. Harris and Melinda Woolf Harris
Spring Lake Publishing, second edition, 2001
Paperback, 206 pages, $18.95 at Amazon Books

Here's a volume gardeners are sure to appreciate; it's a comprehensive alphabetical listing of plant parts and botanical definitions, complete with line drawings.

Originally written as a companion to a botany textbook, Plant Identification Terminology defines over 2700 terms, and provides more than 1900 line drawings to help clarify descriptive passages.

This book is divided into two useful parts. Part One is a basic alphabetical glossary for those who are seeking a definition for a known term or phrase. Part Two groups the same terminology into categories such as Roots, Stems, Leaves, etc. The category Inflorescences, for instance, is then broken down into Inflorescence Parts, Inflorescence Types, and Inflorescence Forms. The authors have also thoughtfully provided a few convenient keys to help less-than-knowledgeable readers zero in on the correct term.

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