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   Ants: The Good, the
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   Harvest Time Puzzle
   Go Native with
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   Homing in on Jojoba
   The Plant Vampires
   Of Friendships &
   Garden-Smart TIPS

   Fall Garden Festival

Master Gardener Journal  

S P E C I A L   F E A T U R E

Harvest Time Puzzle

1 Harvard is one type
3 Earl Grey is one
8 Oriental sauce bean
9 Vine whose leaves are sometimes "skeletonized"
13 Jelly fruit
14 Pickling herb
15 Tart pie vegetable
17 We eat them mashed and candied
18 Tropical fruit
20 Large tuber whose white flesh resemble water cheestnuts

1 I'd ride my PINTO to LIMA in a SNAP to eat these veggies!
2 Popular slicing tomato
4 Gumbo vegetable
5 Halawy, Maktoom and Medjool are varieties of this fruit
6 Ba-da-BING! What a treat this fruit is!
7 Nocturnal larvea that feed on corn stems
10 Large genus of fruit trees
11 Beverage made from apples
12 This veggie is a SNAP, SUGAR!
13 Stuffing herb
15 Don't ROOT around there I BEG'YA
16 Pumpkin pie spice
19 She put in her thumb, and pulled out a    


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