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Master Gardener Journal  

F R O M   M A R I C O P A   C O U N T Y   E X T E N S I O N

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

by Cathy Cromell, Linda A. Guy and Lucy K. Bradley

Allows anyone - no matter how "black" their thumb - to quickly discover the joys of gardening year-round in the desert. Desert Gardening for Beginners covers all the basics for desert gardeners. There are chapters on desert soil characteristics, soil preparation, removing Bermuda grass, garden design and location, making compost, cultivation techniques, effective watering, managing insects, diagnosing problems, as well as specific tips for vegetables, flowers and herbs. As an added bonus, the book includes three planting calendars that provide the best months to sow hundreds of vegetables, flowers and herbs for maximum success.


Successful landscaping in the Southwest requires a different set of techniques than those used by gardeners in most of the country. Desert Landscaping for Beginners contains the latest research-based information from the University of Arizona, written in user-friendly language. This 224-page book includes illustrations, resources and index.

Chapters in this book written by local experts:
  • The Magic of Desert Plants-Frank Martin, University of Arizona Master Gardener
  • Selecting and Transplanting Trees and Shrubs-Shanyn Hosier, University of Arizona Master Gardener
  • Watering Desert Landscapes-Donna DiFrancesco, City of Mesa Water Conservation Horticulturist
  • Pruning for Healthy Trees and Shrubs-Lucy K. Bradley, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, Urban Horticulture Agent
  • Plant Problems-Lucy K. Bradley & Shanyn Hosier
  • Seasonal Pests-Terry Mikel, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, Area Horticulture Agent
  • Frost Protection-Lucy K. Bradley
  • Cacti and Other Succulents- Kirti Mathura, Desert Botanical Garden Horticulturist
  • Wildflowers-Michelle Rauscher, Desert Botanical Garden Horticulturist
  • Landscaping for Wildlife-Catherine Rymer, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, Instructional Specialist
  • Citrus Trees-George Chott, University of Arizona Master Gardener
  • Roses in the Landscape-Marylou Coffman & Rod McKusick, University of Arizona Master Gardeners
  • Growing a Healthy Lawn-Sharon Dewey, Western Sod, Director of Marketing

by Cathy Cromell, Jo Miller and Lucy K. Bradley

Regardless of your gardening experience, you can easily save money on utility bills, conserve water, reduce yard waste sent to landfills, and create a low-maintenance landscape that is in balance with its natural surroundings.

Earth-Friendly Desert Gardening shows how to lower utility bills by locating plants where they moderate the sun and wind, reduce water consumption by choosing plants wisely and watering effectively, make mulch and compost from yard waste, manage insects without synthetic pesticides, create a habitat for birds, butterflies, and other wildlife, and maintain the quality of water supplies by reducing fertilizer and pesticide use. It also explains how to add edible plants to the landscape, grow a low-allergen garden, create defensible space before wildfire strikes, direct thousands of gallons of rainwater to the landscape, and determine if a gray water system is right for you.

Information in this book is based on university research and is geared specifically to the unique growing conditions of the Sonoran Desert. The 136-page book includes illustrations, checklists, guidelines, guides, plant lists, resources and an index.

Mail orders to: Arizona Master Gardener Press, 4341 E. Broadway Road, Box 113, Phoenix, AZ 85040-8807.

Make checks payable to: University of Arizona. Please include $.50 tax for Arizona residents and $4.00 shipping per book.

Also available at area bookstores and nurseries.

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