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Frost in the Valley of the Sun


First and Last Frost in the Valley

Here is a table that includes the average dates of the first and last frosts and the length of the growing season in various parts of the valley. This can help give you an idea of when to plant and harvest as well as to plan your outdoor gardening.
LocationLastGrowing SeasonFirst
AlhambraMarch 10258 daysNov. 23
BuckeyeMarch 6260Nov. 21
CamelbackMarch 8260Nov. 23
Deer ValleyMarch 7263Nov. 25
Falcon Field - MesaApril 3234Nov. 23
LaveenFeb. 21279Nov. 27
Litchfield ParkFeb.26270Nov. 23
MarinetteFeb. 25271Nov. 23
Mesa Experiment StationMarch 3266Nov. 24
Phoenix - Sky HarborFeb. 7307Dec. 12
TempeMarch 2265Nov. 22
Tempe Citrus StationMarch 14253Nov. 22

Frost and Growing Season Data

All Time Records

Latest Frost in Phoenix .............................Downtown: ....March 31, 1987
Airport: ....April 4, 1945
Earliest Frost in Phoenix ...........................Downtown: ....November 5, 1922
Airport: ....November 3, 1946
Longest Period Without Frost in Phoenix ....1897 days ....November 23, 1979 to January 31, 1985
Shortest Period Without Frost in Phoenix ....Downtown: ....222 days
....March 31, 1897 to November 8, 1897
Airport: ....231 days
....April 4, 1945 to November 21, 1945

® Copyright 1997 by Ed Phillips/KTAR Radio. Information provided courtesy of KTAR via Ed Phillips Arizona Almanac.

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Frost in the Valley of the Sun
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