CALES Presents New Partnership with Universidad Autónoma Chapingo for Dual Degrees

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

This fall, CALES launched two new doctoral-level dual degree programs in partnership with the Universidad Autónoma Chapingo, (Chapingo Autonomous University or UACh) in Texcoco, Mexico, near Mexico City. The programs will be offered through the department of Biosystems Engineering (at the College of Engineering) and the School of Natural Resources & the Environment in CALES. Students will earn doctoral degrees from both UACh and the UA.

Doctoral applicants will be awarded degrees in either Natural Resources and Environment in Arid Lands from UACh and a Ph.D. from the School of Natural Resources and the Environment through CALES in one of three emphasis area: Ecology, Management and Restoration of Rangelands, Natural Resources Studies, or Watershed Management and Ecohydrology; or a doctoral degree in Agricultural Engineering and Integral Use of Water from Chapingo and a Biosystems Engineering Ph.D. from the joint program of CALES and the College of Engineering. Students in the SNRE-Chapingo program originate from Chapingo’s Arid Zones Campus in Bermajillo, Durango in Northern Mexico. The BE-Chapingo students originate from Chapingo’s home campus in Texcoco de Mora in the State of Mexico.

These new opportunities provide benefits to Mexican students financially and professionally. The dual degree programs also benefit Mexico’s National Council of Science and Technology CONACyT, a science agency in Mexico comparable to the National Science Foundation in the U.S. Having students complete the majority of the degree at Chapingo, with only one year at the UA versus 3 or more, reduces the financial commitment for CONACyT -- the organization contributes educational funding for students in conjunction with the Mexican Federal Government to ensure Mexico has participation in the international scientific and technological communities. By creating these new dual degree programs, the UA is offering both students and CONACyT an affordable alternative to the timeline of pursuing a doctoral degree. 

CALES, the College of Engineering, and the UA overall, also directly benefit from such a partnership. Chapingo students will help diversify the UA through collaboration, knowledge, experience and culture leading UA to be an even more inclusive community. These moments of studying abroad and being a part of a new community, will allow all students involved to grow academically, professionally, and personally.

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