Celebrating the legacy of Frances McClelland with the 2022 Vision Awards

Thursday, October 20, 2022
Frances McClelland Youth Vision Awardee, Daniel Trujillo, and longtime mentor and FSHD faculty, Russ Toomey, share a hug as Daniel accepts his award.

Originally inaugurated in 2009, the Frances McClelland Institute Vision Awards celebrate community leaders in Southern Arizona who are working towards improving the well-being of children, youth, families, and community. Frances McClelland, for whom the awards are named, was revered for her generosity and tireless advocacy for children, youth and families and the annual FMI Vision Awards serve as a way to commemorate her legacy by recognizing the same resilience and passion in the emerging leaders of our community today.

These awards commend leaders in four categories: the Frances McClelland Vision Award, the Richard Elias Legacy Award, the Frances McClelland Spirit Organizational Award, and the latest addition, The Frances McClelland Youth Vision Award.

“The Vision Awards are an opportunity to recognize the amazing work being done throughout the community in order to make Southern Arizona a better place,” said Melissa Barnett, Director of the Frances McClelland Institute. “Our most important mission is to build meaningful partnerships and collaborations with people across the community,” said Barnett.

FMI’s mission continues to grow and in the future the institute hopes to provide more meaningful job opportunities for graduates and undergraduates in applied research, and build fundamental collaborative research projects that can impact the livelihood and wellness of all Arizona families. With those founding values, FMI will be able to spread its wealth of knowledge and resources more effectively across all of Southern Arizona and beyond. 

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Rosemary Brandt
Director External Communications