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The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences' acclaimed teaching, research and Cooperative Extension programs strive to ensure the resilience and health of people, environments and economies in Arizona and around the globe. CALS prepares students for success in a wide range of careers in agricultural and environmental sciences, biosystems engineering, retailing, family studies, comparative biomedical sciences and more.

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Jennifer Yamnitz

Jennifer Yamnitz

Executive Director, Branding and Marketing


Office Location Forbes #234
Work Phone 520-621-0683
Rosemary Brandt

Rosemary Brandt

Media Relations Manager


Office Location Forbes #208
Work Phone 520-621-7182
Bethany Rutledge

Bethany Rutledge

Director of Administration and Communications, Office of the Vice President and Dean

Interview requests for Dean Burgess

Office Location Forbes #306C
Work Phone 520-621-7198

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