What Helps Couples Weather Financial Storms

Tuesday, April 21, 2020
As many couples feel the financial strain of COVID-19, UArizona researcher Ashley LeBaron says financial stress doesn't have to be detrimental to relationships.

Experts have predicted that the COVID-19 pandemic will result in the worst financial crisis in the United States since the Great Depression. While the full scope of the financial fallout remains to be seen, furloughs, job losses and pay cuts resulting from the outbreak have already hit many people hard, and such financial challenges can put a significant strain on romantic relationships.

Some couples may be better equipped to manage that kind of stress than others, suggests research by Ashley LeBaron, a doctoral student in the University of Arizona Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

LeBaron, whose research was conducted prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, has studied how financial stress impacts married and unmarried couples from different socioeconomic backgrounds. Her findings provide insight into what might make some couples more resilient.

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Rosemary Brandt
Media Relations Manager, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences