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Linkages between Climate Change and Desertification: Eriksen

Table 1: International environmental conventions

Climate Convention Desertification Convention
Date adopted 9 May 1992 June 1994
Entry into force 21 March 1994 26 December 1996
Number of parties 181 (as of 10 December 1999) 165 (as of 15 May 20000
Date signed Kenya: 12 June 1992
Tanzania: 12 June 1992
Kenya: 14 October 1994
Tanzania: 14 October 1994
Date ratified Kenya: 30 August 1994
Tanzania: 17 April 1996
Kenya: 24 June 1997
Tanzania: 19 June 1994
Entered into force in country Kenya: 28 November 1994
Tanzania: 16 July 1996
Kenya: 22 September 1997
Tanzania: 17 September 1997
Objectives Stabilization of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere, at a level that allows ecosystems to adapt naturally and food production and economic development not to be threatened.

Combat desertification and mitigate effects of drought in countries experiencing serious drought and/or desertification.

Long-term strategies for improved productivity of the land, rehabilitation of resources and improved living conditions.

Funding Global Environmental Facility Global Mechanism to coordinate existing sources of funding, including bilaterial official development assistance, foreign private investment, World Bank, International Fund for Agricultural Development, regional development banks, NGOs
Secretariat Bonn Bonn

Source: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (online),, accessed April 2000
United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (online),, accessed June 2000.

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