Arid Lands Newsletter

November-December 2004,
Issue No. 56
ISSN: 1092-5481

Water efficiency I: Cities

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Katherine Waser, Editor
Office of Arid Lands Studies (OALS)

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Editor's note:
Wise resource use in times of water scarcity

Surviving in an arid land: Direct reclamation of potable water at Windhoek's Goreangab Reclamation Plant
by Petrus L. Du Pisani

Rainwater harvesting in urban areas: The Chennai experience
by Sekhar Raghavan

Inner city household water efficiency: A case study
by Richard Holden

Reflections on an urban greywater system
by Tom Brightman

Briefly noted:
Selected resources of interest

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In ALN No. 57, May/June 2005, our focus shifts to water efficiency in agriculture and rural areas.

As always, water is a topic of crucial concern to drylands residents. Due in large part to continuing world population growth and to people's rising expectations for a better life, the demand for water is constantly increasing. But most major sources of fresh water are already known and exploited, so where is this additional water to come from? One major step towards meeting the world's growing water needs is more efficient use of already available water resources. "Water efficiency" is an umbrella term that can cover strategies ranging from water harvesting to wastewater reuse, and that can be applied at levels ranging from the individual to the governmental. What are some of these strategies, and what new innovations are being developed? How and where are various water efficiency strategies being applied? What additional steps need to be taken by individuals, the private sector, and the public sector to encourage more efficient water use in agriculture and rural areas?

Proposals for papers, comments, suggestions for possible authors, suggestions for resources (web, paper, CD-ROM etc.) to be included, etc. in either of these issues, are welcome. Please send your suggestions to Katherine Waser, Editor, Arid Lands Newsletter.

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