Getting Started with the Africanized Honey Bees on the Move Lesson Plans

The Lesson Plans are divided into four grade clusters:

Each lesson starts with an overview of the lesson and a list of the materials you will need to carry out the lesson. Next is a list of the information sheets and activity sheets related to the lesson. Each lesson contains several activities that cover a specific topic. The approximate time frame of the activity is given, but be aware that it will vary with the number of students you have, their skill level, your familiarity with the topic, and the length of the discussion period. Your own judgment and prior experience with the students will help you evaluate how much time to set aside for each activity.

All the information sheets and activity sheets are also listed separately. There are 28 information sheets. They contain information about the biology of honey bees, stories and poems. There are 35 separate activity sheets. They contain activities, games, and quizzes as well as diagrams.

Go ahead and read through the lessons in your grade cluster. Decide which lessons and activities best suit your needs. Each lesson is potentially a separate unit, so there is no need to do each lesson strictly in order or to do every single lesson. And if you have time you should also check other grade clusters for activities you might find useful. You know the skill levels and interests of your students best.

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