Video 10

Video 10. Pollen tube interaction with the synergid cell in an in vitro guidance assay

Time-lapse imaging of DsRed-tagged pollen tubes entering the ovule and traveling within the ovule before approaching the GFP-tagged synergid cell within the female gametophyte.

Left video, time-lapse images captured in the red and green channels. Right video, time-lapse images captured in the green channel only.

The time elapsed between frames is 10 minutes (indicated on the top left hand corner of each movie).

In this example, the pollen tube arrives at the synergid cell at 180 minutes and synergid degeneration initiates at 220 minutes (reduction in GFP signal from the lower right hand corner of the GFP-marked synergid) and completes at 240 minutes (note the reduction in GFP signal and cell volume).

Subsequently, the pollen tube extends parallel to the synergid cell.

Ref: Nikolova, N*., Palanivelu, R*., King, E., Copenhaver, G., and Drews, G. N. (2007). Plant Physiology, 144:1753-1762.