Video 18

Video 18. Stimulation of pollen (Columbia accession) germination by sulfinylated azadecalins.

Time-lapse imaging of Arabidopsis pollen (Columbia accession) germination on a solid pollen growth medium. Pollen grains from the same anther were spotted proximal to three holes, one filled with 50 μM N-Methanesulfinyl 1-azadecalin, a second one filled with 50 μM N-Methanesulfinyl 2-azadecalin and a third one filled with liquid PGM (control). The pollen growth medium was prepared as described in (Li et al., 1999). Time elapsed between two frames in each movie–two minutes (00:02hrs)–is indicated on the top left hand corner and the scale bar (100 μm) is shown on the bottom right corner of each frame.


Reference:Qin, Y., Wysocki, R.Y., Somogyi, A., Feinstein, Y., Franco, J.Y., Tsukamoto, T., Dunatunga, D., Levy, C., Smith, S., Simpson, R., Gang, D., Johnson, M.A., and Palanivelu, R. (2011). Sulfinylated Azadecalins act as functional mimics of a pollen germination stimulant in Arabidopsis pistils. Plant Journal. 68 (5): 800-815. Link to the article or the PubMed citation.