Video 22

Video 22. A semi in vivo pollen tube guidance assay to monitor pollen tube discharge in gfa2/GFA2 ovules.

Time-lapse imaging of DsRED-tagged pollen tubes, entering an ovule and reaching the portion of the ovule where synergid is expected to be located. Within the ovule, apparently normal pollen tube discharge occurs presumably in one of the synergids, leaving a visible fluorescent spot. This is a representative movie of instances in a gfa2/GFA2 ovule in which there is an apparent normal pollen tube discharge. Time elapsed between each frame = 10 minutes.

Reference: Leydon, A. R., Tsukamoto, T., Dunatunga, D., Qin, Y., Johnson, M. A., and Palanivelu, R. (2015). Pollen tube discharge completes the process of synergid degeneration that is initiated by pollen tube – synergid interaction in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiology (in press). Link to the article.