Program Outcomes for Children


CSREES CYFAR Initiative Home Page

Gateway to National Outcome Work Groups and to on-line access to StSt (State Strengthening) Evaluation Guide.

Cooperative Extension's children, youth & family information service (USDA/CSREES)

National Center on Educational Outcomes (NCEO)
Source of conceptual model for Children’s Program Outcomes; site provides in-depth description of development of NCEO model, ordering information for NCEO publications, and updates on suggested data sources for the eight NCEO children’s outcome domains.

Ask NOAH About: Health Living: Keeping Kids Safe

Children, Youth and Family Consortium/University of Minnesota
Electronic clearinghouse of information and publications on children, youth, and families.

Cooperative Extension's National Network for Child Care (NNCC)
Links to a variety of resources related to child Care.

Cooperative Extension's National Network for Family Resiliency (NNFR)
Resources for professionals working in family support fields.

Harvard Family Research Project
Includes on-line access to The Evaluation Exchange: Emerging Strategies in Evaluating Child and Family Services  (a free quarterly newsletter addressing evaluation issues) and the Harvard Outcomes Evaluation Database (compiles detailed information about selected model evaluations of preventive, family-oriented programs serving children and youth).

I Am Your Child
A comprehensive early childhood development resource; useful source of information on early brain development.

National 4-H Youth

American Academy of Pediatrics website
Includes recommended immunization schedules for children.

Strengthening Families
Offers literature reviews and description of model family programs for prevention of delinquency (University of Utah, Dept. Of Health Promotion and Education).

University of Oklahoma Children’s Web Pages on Internet Safety

University of Wisconsin-Madison publication FOCUS
Institute for Research on Poverty publication (articles on poverty’s impact on children)

Zero to Three: National Center for Clinical Infant Programs
This website provides a wealth of research and information for both parents and professionals on development of infants and toddlers, as well as new service approaches and "best practices";  useful source of information on early brain development.

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