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Science at Work

See how the College of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences is putting science to work to answer the world's toughest questions in agriculture, business and commerce, health professions, helping professions, science and technology, and sustainability. 

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"Food Evolution" Discussion Panel

CALES partnered with Tucson's The Loft Cinema in hosting a one-night-only film screening of the 2017 documentary, "Food Evolution." The film was followed by a panel discussion with Mr. Arnold Burruel of Burruel & Burruel Farms, Dr. Donato Romagnolo and Dr. Melanie Hingle from our School of Nutritional Sciences and Wellness and Dr. Ken Feldmann from our School of Plant Sciences.

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Maize Aflatoxin Research

Monica Schmidt at the School of Plant Sciences, BIO5 Institute talks about her research into eliminating harmful aflatoxins from maize crops.