Yavapai County Cooperative Extension Xeriscape List


Latin Name Common Name Height/Width Water Hardiness Sun Exposure Seasonality Flower Color Flower Season
Aristida purpurea Purple threeawn 1.5 ft/1.5 ft very low hardy to 10 F sun -- purple summer-fall
Bouteloua curtipendula Sideoats grama 2 ft/1.5 ft low up to 7,000 sun -- ? spring-fall
Bouteloua gracilis Blue grama 2 ft/0.5 ft low-mod up to 8,000 sun -- ? summer?
Diplachne dubia Green sprangletop 2 ft/ 2 ft low hardy to 0 F sun -- ? ?
Eragrostis intermedia Plains lovegrass 2 ft/2 ft low hardy to 0 F sun-part shade -- grey/purple summer-fall
Festuca californica California fescue 4 ft/5 ft low up to 5,500 part shade -- color? spring
Festuca ovina glauca Blue fescue 1/1 ft low up to 8,500 sun-part shade -- yellow summer
Helictotrichon sempervirens Blue avena grass 4 ft/3 ft moderate up to 8,500 sun-part shade -- color? summer
Leymus condensatus Elymus; giant wild rye 12 ft/8 ft mod up to 4,500 shade-sun -- color? summer
Miscanthus sinensis Maiden hair grass 10 ft/6 ft low? up to 6,000 sun-part shade -- white/brown summer
Muhlenbergia dumosa Bamboo muhly 5 ft/6 ft very low up to 5,000? sun-shade -- yellow? spring?
Muhlenbergia rigens Deergrass 5 ft/5 ft very low hardy to 10 F sun -- color? fall
Oryzopsis hymenoides Indian ricegrass 2 ft/3 ft very low up to 9,500? sun -- color? summer-fall
Pennisetum setaceum Purple fountain grass 4 ft/3 ft low-mod hardy to 0 F? sun-part shade -- purple summer-fall
Sporobolus airoides Alkali sacaton 3 ft/1.5 ft moderate hardy to -10 sun -- ? ?
Sporobolus cryptandrus Sand dropseed 2 ft/1.5 ft very low hardy to 0 F sun -- purple summer-fall
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