Yavapai County Cooperative Extension Xeriscape List


Latin Name Common Name Height/Width Water Hardiness Sun Exposure Seasonality Flower Color Flower Season
Campsis radicans Trumpet vine 30 ft/30 ft moderate ? full sun deciduous orange summer
Clematis drummondii Old man's beard 1 ft/30 ft low ? sun-part shade deciduous seeds silver/rust spring-fall
Clematis lasiantha Pipestems 3 ft/18 ft low up to 5,000 sun-part shade deciduous white spring-summer
Parthenocissus inserta Virginia creeper 1 ft/30 ft low up to 7,000 sun-part shade deciduous greenish spring-summer
Vitis arizonica Arizona grape 8 ft/50 ft moderate up to 7,500 sun-part shade deciduous greenish spring-summer
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