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acrobatant Item Name: Acrobat Ant
Date: 12/5/06
City/Area: Cottonwood, AZ
Description of Conditions: Inside and outside
Control Strategy: Mostly a nuisance. Seal exterior structure cracks; move wood piles away from house; eliminate moisture source if nesting in walls. Chemicals may be required if persistent infestation.
agave snout weevil

Item Name: Agave Snout Weevil larva
Date: 9/6/02
City/Area: Prescott, AZ
Description of Conditions: Attracted to weak (near end of landscape life) or poorly maintained plants; infestation causes wilting & death.  Note: related species colonizes yucca.
Control Strategy: Remove and destroy plant; remove larvae and adults from soil.


Item Name: Aspen Blister Mite
Date: 7/26/00
City/Area: Prescott, AZ
Description of Conditions: Summer
Control Strategy: Cosmetic damage, no control recommended. Can prune out affected leaves and discard.

bandedashborer Item Name: Banded Ash Borer (Neoclytus caprea)
Date: 11/27/02
City/Area: Dewey, AZ
Description of Conditions: Several were found boring in freshly cut hackberry wood. Are also known to colonize dead and dying pecan wood in southern Arizona.
Control Strategy: None needed. Will not colonize dried or structural lumber.
Item Name: Blister Beetle - (Epicauta longicollis)
Date: 7/25/01
City/Area: Prescott, Chino Valley, Skull Valley, AZ
Description of Conditions: Swarming and feeding on a wide range of garden, landscape, and native plants.
Control Strategy: Cover plants with light fabric, handpick wearing gloves, spray with a stomach insecticide such as Sevin.
checkered beetle

Item Name: Hairy Ground Beetle (Panagaeus sallei)
Date: 7/30/02
City/Area: Prescott, AZ
Description of Conditions: Most likely a predator. May also be mimicking velvet ants.
Control Strategy: None needed.

chrysomelid beetle

Item Name: Chrysomelid Beetle
Date: 8/21/03
City/Area: Prescott, AZ
Description of Conditions: Feeds on willows and poplars; over winters as adult under bark and leaf litter; chews round scallops out of new and mature leaf margins.  Trees will recover from early spring damage.
Control Strategy: Carbaryl or synthetic pyrethroids when first two instars are present.

aphidsoncypress Item Name: Conifer Aphids on Italian Cypress
Date: 3/6/02
City/Area: Clarkdale, AZ
Description of Conditions: Unirrigated trees showed no outward signs of stress.
Control Strategy: Spray with high pressure hose or use horticultural oil if necessary.
cottonycushionscale Item Name: Cottony Cushion Scale (Icerya purchasi)
Date: 5/1/02
City/Area: Cottonwood, AZ
Description of Conditions: Colonized mock orange (Pittosporum tobira) in home landscape.
Control Strategy: Natural predators usually keep this insect in check. Control ants and dust which can give the scale a competitive advantage. See University of California IPM Web Site at http://axp.ipm.ucdavis.edu/ for more information.
cypressbarkbeetle Item Name: Cypress Bark Beetle (Phloeosinus sp.)
Date: 10/30/02
City/Area: Dewey, AZ
Description of Conditions: Drought stressed Arizona cypress trees.
Control Strategy: Deep, infrequent irrigation during dry periods to ensure tree vigor.

Item Name: Elm Leaf Beetle
Date: 9/27/01
City/Area: Prescott, AZ
Description of Conditions: Inside office near window adjacent to elm trees (normally invade buildings in fall seeking a place to hibernate).
Control Strategy: Proper irrigation; spray wide band of bark around trunk of tree w/ carbaryl in spring.

Item Name: Eucalyptus Redgum Lerp Psylid
Date: 6/6/01
City/Area: Bullhead City, AZ
Description of Conditions: Feeding on Eucalyptus camaldulensis
Control Strategy: Relatively little is known about controlling this new pest.
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