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giant root borer

Item Name: Giant Root Borer (Prionus sp.)
Date: 2/25/03
City/Area: Yavapai County, AZ
Description of Conditions: Found on oak & pecan & other hard woods; is cream colored if not old. 
Control Strategy: Good cultural practices; insecticides ineffective.


giantwillowaphid Item Name: Giant Willow Aphid
Date: 11/15/01
City/Area: Dewey and Prescott Valley, AZ
Description of Conditions: On stems of willow trees, lots of honeydew (sticky substance), little noticeable damage to plant.
Control Strategy: Use high-pressure hose to dislodge them from plant; if they persist, spray with a soap solution (1 TBSP soap/1 gallon water).

Item Name: Gloveria
Date: 8/2/04
City/Area: Chino Valley, AZ
Description of Conditions: Found in shed during day; comes out at night and eats junipers.
Control Strategy: Hand pick (use gloves) or use bacillus thuringiensis (BT) or carbaryl.  

grape leaf skeletonizer

Item Name: Grape Leaf Skeletonizer
Date: 9/30/02
City/Area: Prescott, AZ
Description of Conditions: Cocoons over winter in leaves and fallen plant debris; larvae feed first on leaf top, then bottom, leaving only the veins.  Don’t touch with hands, can cause serious, painful welts.
Control Strategy: Carbaryl on tops and bottoms of leaves.

green fruit beetle

Item Name: Green Fruit Beetle (Cotinis mutabilis) feeding on fig (aka Fig Beetle)
Date: 7/29/04
City/Area:  Verde Valley, AZ
Description of Conditions: Active in summer; feeds on various thin skinned ripe fruits or sap July to September.
Control Strategy: Control most effective when in grub stage (flood infested area for 2 days); insecticides not effective; harvest early and remove fallen fruit to reduce damage.

hairystinkbug Item Name: Hairy Stink Bug (Pentatomid trichopepla sp.)
Date: 10-25-01
City/Area: Dewey, AZ
Description of Conditions: Thousands covering walls of outbuildings inside and out, under eaves, and flying around causing a nuisance. Odor similar to stink bug.
Control Strategy: Hand remove or vacuum; carbaryl or malathion if serious problem.
leaf footed bug

Item Name: Leaf Footed Bug
Date: 4/17/02
City/Area: Prescott, AZ
Description of Conditions: Over winters in tree crevices & emerges in May/Jun to suck juices from seeds.  Principal hosts: Douglas fir, Ponderosa pine, Incense cedar; also found on prickly pear cactus. Often attacks ripening fruit crops causing discolored depressions or blemishes (cat faces). Scars cause undersized fruit or premature drop; may see sap oozing from recent wounds. Also attacks pecans, causing black pit in kernals, and eat flowers of crepe myrtle, privet and roses.
Control Strategy: Hand pick and destroy; can use synthetic pesticide (e.g. Sevin if close to harvest date, or Endosulfan or Imidan if harvest is several weeks away).

lycidlarva Item Name: Lycid Beetle Larva
Date: 9/15/03
City/Area: Prescott, AZ
Description of Conditions: Walking on the ground and abundant in the Prescott area.
Control Strategy: None needed - no damage known.
mesquitepsyllid Item Name: Mesquite Psyllid Nymph (genus and species unknown)
Date: 9/20/03
City/Area: Cordes Junction, AZ
Description of Conditions: Abundant on planted and native mequite trees in a new landscape. Causing some damage to foliage.
Control Strategy: None needed. Probably a seasonal occurance. If damage causes significant foliage losses, an insecticidal soap or other contact insecticide could be used.
mesquite scale

Item Name: Mesquite Scale (Toumeyella mirabilis)
Date: 7/22/05
City/Area: Yavapai County, AZ
Description of Conditions: Found on Mesquite.
Control Strategy: Sometimes tended by ants; natural enemies will control population.

litocalasexsignata Item Name: Moth - Litocala sexsignata
Date: 3/11/02
City/Area: Dewey/Humboldt, AZ
Description of Conditions: These moths were abundant in the springs of 2001 and 2002 along Hwy 69 corridor. They are listed in the literature as feeding on Quercus (oak) sp. No damage has been noted on ornamental plants.
Control Strategy: None needed.
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