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Roger L. Caldwell

Professor Emeritus, Soil, Water and Environmental Science
Former Director, Educational Communications and Technologies
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721, USA

I retired from the University of Arizona in June 2003 after 37 years on the faculty. I have been involved in a number of projects and presentations since retiring; those with possible interest to others are listed below. I have tried to maintain my "Anticipating the Future" web course but it is a little out of date. When I retired I added a section to the course titled "short course" for those that would like to take a quick look at the futures process (it is a "portal" web page that links to the key aspects of the course). Before retiring I served as special assistant to deans and provosts for strategic planning and existing/emerging trends, and as a special projects director for the current status and future of information technology and communications, energy, and institutional assessments..
I also listed my recent publications or presentations since retirement and some recommended references for studying the future (more are in the course pages materials). I am in the process of (slowly) revising the format of this page - if you happen to drop by and would like to suggest something new, please let me know at the above email address.
For further details on course or background (search course below)
Brief summary describing a Good Futurist -- Futures, Foresight and People that Study the Future
My web based futures class (available for reading/reference) - titled "Anticipating the Future" (quick link to the "shortcourse" version)
My handy hints listing for what I have learned about in how to study the future
My 3-page biography
Recent presentations or reports (since retirement in June 2003).
Presentation on "Anticipating and Adapting to Transformational Change: Making Technology Work for Us" to Government Finance Officers of Arizona. August 2012. 45 slides in pdf.
Presentation on the "Future of Higher Education" to SHEHRE. March 2012 - 19 pages of text and scenarios plus 4 pages of slides - in pdf
University Retirees Association Web Site (maintain) 2010
Thinking About the Future - Presention to Arizona Chapter of World Future Society. December 2009 - 4 pages in pdf
Perspectives on Strategic Planning for a Class, November 2009 - 4 pages in pdf
History of the World Futures Studies Federation, April 2008 - 7 pages in pdf
Sustainability - Talk to American Chemical Society Science Cafe, April 15, 2008, 2 pages in pdf
Electronic Collaboration and Collaboratories, January 2008, about 2 pages (archived at WebCite - last character is lower case L)
The Future of Higher Education: A Survival Manual, Women in Higher Education Conference, October 2006, 30 slides in pdf - (5 page handout of slides in pdf).
Challenges facing public universities (in preparation for UA presidential search), July 2006, 2 pages in pdf
Energy and Future Presentation, April 2006, 42 slides in pdf
Environment and Future Presentation, February 2006, 28 slides in pdf
Environment and Future, Study Guide/References, February 2006, 23 pages in pdf
Strategic Plan and Related Documents for UA College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, September 2005 (several formats of same plan)
Futures planning session for university department (opening remarks), April 2005, 18 slides in pdf
Arizona universities Redesign Study (principle author of faculty stakeholder final report), January 2005, 41 pages in pdf
Forum Presentation on Health Futures, October 2004, 28 slides in pdf.
History and Future of Digital Learning at University of Arizona, May 2003, 28 slides in pdf
Recommended futures books - with a link to more details where available (none are techniques cookbooks but they make you think about the future in realistic ways).
1. Barker, Joel. 1992. Paradigms: The Business of Discovering the Future. 240 pages. A short book that gives the rationale of paradigms and how/why they shift, with many very good examples. More info at or Joel Barker's page.
2. Hiemstra, Glen. 2006. Turning the Future into Revenue: What Businesses and Individuals Need to Know to Shape Their Futures. 224 pages. An easy to read and comprehensive book on how to learn about the future. More info at or Glen Hiemstra's page.
3. Hines, Andy and Peter Bishop (editors). 2007. Thinking About the Future, Guidelines for Strategic Foresight. A practical and readable book edited by two very experienced futurists with contributions by 36 futurists. More info at
4. Naisbitt, John. 2006. Mindset. 282 pages. Part I is a description of various "mindsets" and Part II focuses on "Pictures" (e.g., scenarios) of the future. More info at or John Naisbitt's page.
Links to brief guidelines on how to study the future
Joseph Coates. 2004. Coming to Grips WIth the Future (12 pages, pdf) - includes skills of the effective futurist
Roger Caldwell, 2003, Short course of Futures Techniques - on web, multiple pages depending on what is selected.
Andy Hines, 2005, An Audit for Organizational Futurists (14 pages, pdf) - 10 Questions You Should be Able to Answer
Sohail Inayatullah, 2002, Teaching Future Studies: From Strategy to Transformative Change


Revised: January 10, 2012