Market prices (12/94) for (a) commodities generally available in Kitab, a typical small Highlands town; (b) roasted coffee beans and coffee shells, sold in San'a; and (c) qat throughout Yemen. Farm-gate prices for coffee are much lower, averaging 350 to 400 YR per kg for unshelled coffee. The price of low- to medium-quality qat ranges from 250 to 450 YR, while highest-quality qat can be 1000 YR per bundle or greater. It is notoriously difficult to estimate the weight of a bundle of qat. Weight depends partially on quality (highest-quality qat is typically sold as just the tips of the twigs, for example) and partially on the personal impulse of the harvester, who may cut the twigs at lengths ranging from 20 cm to 1 m. (back)