Selected Publications

Selected Publications

    Hawes, M. C., Curlango-Rivera, G., Xiong, Z, and Kessler, J. (2012). Roles of root border cells in plant defense and regulation of rhizosphere microbial populations by extracellular DNA 'trapping'. Plant and Soil 355, 1-15.

    Yu, N.-T., Zhang, Y.-L., Feng, T. C., Wang, J.-H., Kulye, M., Yang, W.-J., Lin, Z. -S., Xiong, Z., and Liu, Z. X. (2012) Cloning and sequence analysis of two Banana bunchy top virus genomes in Hainan. Virus Genes 44, 488-494.

    Zhang, S.-Y., Gong, D., Wu, Y.-P., Yu, N.-T., Liu,  Z.-X., and Xiong, Z. (2012) First report of Chilli ringspot virus in China. Plant Disease 96, 462.3 - 462.3

    Gong, D., Wang, J.-H., Lin, Z.-S., Zhang, S.-Y., Zhang, Y.-L., Yu, N.-T., Xiong, Z., and Liu, Z.-X.  (2011) Genomic sequencing and analysis of Chilli ringspot virus, a novel potyvirus. Virus Genes 43:439-44.

    Hawes, M. C. Curlango-Rivera, G., Wen, F., White, G. A., VanEtten, H. D., and Xiong, Z. (2011) Extracellular DNA:  the tip of root defenses. Plant Science 106, 741-745.

    Acosta-Leal, R., Duffy, S., Xiong, Z., Hammond, R. W., and Elena, S. F. (2011) Advances in plant virus evolution: Translating evolutionary insights into better disease management. Phytopathology 101, 1136-1148.

    Wen, F., White, G. J., VanEtten, H. D., Xiong, Z, and Hawes, M. C. (2009). Extracellular DNA is required for root tip resistance to fungal infection. Plant Physiology 151, 820-829.

    Weng, Z., and Xiong, Z. (2009). Three discontinuous loop nucleotides in the 3 ' terminal stem-loop are required for Red clover necrotic mosaic virus RNA-2 replication. Virology 393, 346-354.

    Acosta-Leal, R., and Xiong, Z. (2008). Complementary functions of two recessive R-genes determine resistance durability of tobacco 'Virgin A Mutant' (VAM) to Potato virus Y. Virology 379, 275-283.

    Lu, Y. W., Shen, W. T., Zhou, P., Tang, Q. J., Niu, Y. M., Peng, M., and Xiong, Z. (2008). Complete genomic sequence of a Papaya ringspot virus isolate from Hainan Island, China. Archives of Virology 153, 991-993.

    Weng, Z., Barthelson, R., Gowda, S., Hilf, M. E., Dawson, W. O., Galbraith, D. W., and Xiong, Z. (2007). Persistent infection and promiscuous recombination of multiple genotypes of an RNA virus within a single host generate extensive diversity. PLoS ONE 2, e917.

    Wang, J., Liu, Z., Niu, S., Wang, D., Peng, M., Weng, Z., and Xiong Z. 2006. Natural occurrence of Chilli veinal mottle virus on Capsicum chinense in China. Plant Disease 90: 377

    Xiong, Z., Barthelson, R., Weng, Z., and Galbraith, D. W. 2006. Designing and testing of a Citrus tristeza virus resequencing microarray. Proceedings of the International Organization of Citrus Virologists 16, 11-22.

    Yang, T. W., Yang, Y. A., and Xiong, Z. 2000. Paternal inheritance of chloroplast DNA in interspecifc hybrids in the genus Larrea (Zygophyllaceae). American Journal of Botany 87(10), 1452-1458.

    Nadeem, A., Xiong, Z. and Nelson, M. R. 1999. Induction of mild strains of pepper mottle virus by chemical mutagenesis and their efficacy in cross protection. Pakistan J. Bio Sci. 2:1317-1321.

    Nadeem, A., Mehmood, T., Tahir, M., Khalid, S., and Xiong. Z. 1997. First Report of Papaya Leaf Curl Disease in Pakistan. Plant Disease 81,1333.

    Nadeem, A., Weng, Z., Nelson, M. R., and Xiong, Z. 1997. Cotton leaf crumple virus and cotton leaf curl viruses are two distinct geminiviruses. Molecular Plant Pathology On-line.

    Weng, Z., and Xiong, Z. 1997. Genome organization and gene expression of saguaro cactus carmovirus. J. Gen. Virol. 78, 525-534.

    Weng, Z., and Xiong, Z. 1995. A method for accurate determination of terminal sequences of viral genomic RNA. Genome Res. 5, 202-207.

    Sudarsono, Woloshuk, S. L., Lommel, S. A., Xiong, Z., Hellmann, G. M., Wernsman, E. A., and Weissinger, A. K. 1993.  Nucleotide-sequence of the capsid protein cistrons from 6 potato virus-y (PVY) isolates infecting tobacco. Archives of Virology  132, 161-170.

    Xiong, Z., Kim, K., Kendall, T. L., and Lommel, S. A. 1993. Synthesis of the putative red clover necrotic mosaic virus RNA polymerase by ribosomal frameshifting in vitro. Virology 193, 213-221.

    Xiong, Z., Kim, K. H.,  Giesman Cookmeyer, D., and Lommel, S. A. 1993. The roles of the red clover necrotic mosaic virus capsid and cell-to-cell movement proteins in systemic infection. Virology 192, 27-32.

    *Lommel, S. A., Kendall, T. L., Xiong, Z., and Nutter, R. C. 1991. Identification of the maize chlorotic mottle virus capsid protein cistron and characterization of its subgenomic messenger RNA. Virology 181, 382-385.

    *Xiong, Z., and S. A. Lommel. 1991. Red clover necrotic mosaic virus infectious transcripts synthesized in ivtro from full‑ length cDNA clones. Virology 182, 388-392.   

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    *Xiong, Z., Hiebert, E., and Purcifull, D. E. 1988. Characterization of the peanut mottle virus genome by in vitro translation. Phytopathology 78, 1128-1134.

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