anticipating the future
-- a university of arizona course on methods and approaches for studying the future

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This course is only available on-line for individual interaction and not as a formal course (I retired but continue to maintain the pages). This page includes links to class materials and activities for your own exploring. Read "Student Guide" on how to participate in the class and "Assignments" to follow along with assignments as given during the last formal class in spring 2002. Read the section on "Introduction" for general information or look at the section on "Futures at a Glance" (both in upper left of this page). Search class site (below) or full web via Microsoft Bing (from search results page).

   Tutorials, Tours and Seminars
Class activities structured as tutorials and tours (with possible side trips on your own) or seminars (in depth presentations). Includes links to short courses on relevant topics.
   Expeditions and Exploring
These trips may take a little time and in some cases might seem a little weird. They could be quite interesting, too, and extend your mind.
   Sustainability, Paradigms, Driving Forces, and Trends
Clusters of trends form driving forces and paradigm shifts are changes in the "unwritten rules" that give context to how the future may unfold. Also includes defining past and future eras and future outlooks.
   Scenarios, Foresight and Change
Building scenarios will force asking relevant questions and identify a range of possible choices or events. Topics include visions and values, what if's, ignorance and foresight.
   Futures Related Sites and Resources
Futures resources, futures organizations, and viewpoints of selected futurists. Basic reference material and case histories.
   Futures Literature
Finding relevant information in likely and unlikely places and learning how to keep up in your own reading. Focuses on Internet sources but others included.

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