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24th Annual Southwest Nutrition and Management Conference
Conference Brochure

Pre-Conference Symposium
Thursday February 26, 2009
Elanco Animal Health

Dale Bauman, Ph.D.
The role of productive efficiency on the carbon footprint of the dairy industry

Cassandra Tucker, Ph.D.
Using behavior to understand the cows' perspective on heat stress

Charlie Arnot, APR
Protecting your freedom to operate - earning and maintaining your social license


Southwest Nutrition and Management Conference
February 26 - 27, 2009

Glenn Duff Ph.D.
An update on management programs for Holstein bull calves

Sandra Godden Ph.D.
Microbial risks in feeding colostrum to calves

Vivek Fellner Ph.D.
Reactions in the rumen - limits and potential for improved animal production efficiency

Todd Duffield Ph.D.
Use of rumensin in lactating dairy cattle - results of a recent meta-analysis

Lance Baumgard Ph.D.
A rational evaluation of dietary fat and human disease

Luis Rodriguez, Ph.D.
Factors affecting profitabilities of Western dairies

Thomas Jenkins, Ph.D.
New insights on the pathways of lipid biohydrogenation in the rumen with possible implications on animal performance

Todd Duffield, Ph.D.
Interpretation of serum metabolic parameters around the transition period

Peter Robinson, Ph.D.
Can manipulating ration metabolizable protein and amino acid levels really be expected to effect environmental impacts of dairy cows?

Michelle Rhoads, Ph.D.
Metabolic adaptations to heat stress and related effects on fertility

Bob Collier, Ph.D.
Revisiting the temperature-humidity index for lactating dairy cows