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This page provides links to the Arizona Watershed Stewardship Guide (ASWG), MWS Online Learning Modules, and related external websites. The Arizona Watershed Stewardship Guide (AWSG) and the MWS Online Modules are provided as a UA Cooperative Extension and UA Learning Technologies Center service and have been reviewed by staff, faculty, program partners, and volunteers. Other websites listed on this site are recommended, but not endorsed by the University of Arizona or the Master Watershed Steward Program. Please, no citations or out of class use without expressed written permission. For reprint permission, to recommend a website or to order a complete Arizona Watershed Stewardship Guide, please contact Candice Rupprecht: or call 520.621.9591 x24.

Climate and Weather Geology Hydrology
Soils Streams Ecology
Water Quality Water Management GIS/GPS Tools
Watershed Monitoring, Restoration & Assessment Resources News and Current Issues Citizen Science
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Introduction to Online Modules
Climate and Weather
Climate & Weather (AWSG, 2006)

MWS Online Learning Module Other Websites
Climate Science Applications Program, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension

Geologic Processes (AWSG, 2006)

Other Websites
ASU Arizona Geology Visualizations

Watershed Basics (AWSG, 2006)

Other Websites
Watersheds: Connecting Weather to the Environment (online module)


MWS Online Learning Module
Stream Processes (AWSG, 2006)

MWS Online Learning Module
Life in the Watershed (AWSG, 2006)

MWS Online Learning Module
Water Quality
Water Quality & Monitoring (AWSG, 2006)

Other Websites
USDA CSREES Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Program
USGS Water Data for Arizona

Water Management
Regional & State Water Management (AWSG, 2006)

Working Together (AWSG, 2006)

Other Websites
Watershed Management Council
Managing Arid & Semi-Arid Watersheds

Other Websites
The Geospatial Tool Kit Training Materials (Orr et al., 2006)
Terra Server, USA - Maps for GIS download

Watershed Monitoring, Restoration & Assessment Resources
Other Websites
USGS Watershed Assessment Tools
NEMO Watershed Based Plans
River Network
Interagency Stream Corridor Restoration Handbook

News and Current Issues
Other Websites
Southwest Hydrology - free magazine subscription distributed six times per year
Arizona Water Resource - free magazine subscription distributed six times per year
US Water News - weekly email updates
Global Water News Watch - weekly email updates
Water News - weekly E-Newsletter

Citizen Science

Other Websites
Arizona Rivers, Riparian Monitoring Network
Rainlog, Arizona Rainfall Monitoring Network
Project Bud Burst, National Phenology Network

Arizona Watersheds (AWSG, 2006)

Arizona Water Management (AWSG, 2006)

Arizona Vegetation (AWSG, 2006)

Arizona Lakes and Rivers (AWSG, 2006)

Arizona Precipitation (AWSG, 2006)

Arizona Slope (AWSG, 2006)

MWS Partners
University of Arizona Cooperative Extension

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

University of Arizona School of Natural Resources

University of Arizona Learning Technologies Center

Arizona NEMO - Land Use & Water Quality Information for Decision Makers

Arizona Master Naturalist Program, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension

Center for Sustainability of Semi - Arid Hydrology and Riparian Areas

Water Resources Research Center

GateWay Community College , Environment Program

Other Watershed Education Programs

Arizona Project WET - Water Education for Teachers

Oregon Watershed Stewardship Education Program

University of Wisconsin Environmental Resource Center

Alaska Master Watershed Stewardship Program


Ohio State University Extension Watershed Network