MWS Soils Module

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2. A type of aquifer that is bound on all sides by impermeable layers of rock and is therefore under pressure.
3. Soil and rock particles that are transported via erosive processes.
4. The continuous process in which soil is formed and moved through the ecosystem.
6. Very small, intermittent drainage channel, only centimeters in depth.
8. The wearing away and movement of soil from one location to another by water, wind, or ice.
9. An individual soil unit.
10. Soils that are saturated year-round.
11. A drainage channel ranging from a few feet to hundreds of feet in depth; the result of erosion.


1. Empty space between soil particles.
5. The shape that soil takes as a result of its physical and chemical properties.
7. A soil with a mixture of sand, silt, and clay particles.